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With An Expedited Project                       You Get Your Green Card Fast

Tinian Ocean View Resort will run the only ferry between Saipan and Tinian, which will significantly improve the local infrastructure and medical services. Furthermore, it will guarantee the personal safety of islanders and tourists. Due to this benefit, this project meets several requirements for expedited projects, and it has received the necessary USCIS approval for I-526 expedites. This is project is one of the extremely few EB-5 projects to receive such USCIS approval.


Expedited project advantage: Two specially designated immigration officers are fully responsible for processing our investors’ I-526 applications. It means that our immigration attorney has direct communication with USCIS should there be any issues with processing applications for our investors.

Also, it significantly shortens time to receive USCIS approval as follows:

  • Average I-526 processing time for other projects’ investors: 30 months

  • Average I-526 processing time for our investors: 6 months


Success rate as of September 30, 2018:

  • I-526: 93 investors, 22 pending (100% success rate in I-526 approval for all adjudicated I-526 petitions)

  • I-829: 93 pending (we expect 100% success rate for our I-829, but USCIS has not processed any of the petitions as of September 30, 2018)

Approval Letter ("I-924") & What is the expedite criteria?

American Northern Marianas Regional Center is a Regional Center approved by the US Citizen and Immigration Services. As a regional center, American Northern Marianas Regional Center provides immigrant investors the opportunity to obtain a permanent residency in the US through investment in various commercial and residential real estate development projects. 


In January 2014, the Form I-924 request to designate American Northern Marianas Regional Center ("ANMRC") was approved by USCIS as a qualifying participant in the Immigrant Investor Program. As of August 31, 2018, ANMRC has a 100% of I-526 approval rate. ​

expedite criteria.PNG
EB-5 Process


Step 1

  • Preliminary questionnaire/checklist

  • Investor receives confidential offering documents on the EB-5 Investment

  • Investor signs subscription agreement & prepare source of funds memo

  • Investor deposits $900,000 escrow account and pays Administrative Fee


Step 2

  •  Attorney submits I-526 petition to USCIS


Step 3

  • I-526 Adjudication Investor’s attorney files for application for immigration visa or adjustment status


Step 4

  • Approval of Immigrant Visa (or adjustment of status): CONDITIONAL PERMANENT RESIDENCE 22 Months from I-526 submission


Step 5

  • Upon 1-829 approval, conditions of permanent residency are removed, GREEN CARD granted. 56-61* Months from I-526 submission

*This timeline is for general informational purposes only. The actual time require to complete the EB-5 process will vary based on the investment selected, each individual’s case and other factors. Current, there is a EB-5 Visa availability backlog for mainland Chinese and Vietnam applicants, it may be several years between USCIS’ approval of I-526 petition and the time an EB-5 visa is available. This may require the lengthening of the duration of an applicable EB-5 investment, which could delay the investor’s possible (not guaranteed) return of investment proceeds.

Expedited Case for Client Z
Nine days after submission, Mr. Z received his I-526 approval notice.
The following month, Mr. Z received his payment notice from the National Visa Center.
Within three months, Mr. Z had filed form DS-260 for an EB-5 immigrant visa interview.
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