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A Recap of EB-5 Roadshow in India

In October 2018, our Vice President of Marketing and one of the shareholders hosted an "Introduction to Tinian EB-5 Seminar" roadshow and went to four major cities in India including Mumbai, Surat, Baroda, and Ahmedabad.

As the employment-based first/second/ third preference, the category remains backlogged for India, waiting period ranges from 6 to 151 years making it almost impossible for those who wish to receive a green card many have turned to EB-5 has their “last hope”.

Since 2013, there has been over 1,600 Indian-born nationals who have filled their EB-5 immigration application.

American Northern Marianas Regional Center (ANMRC) is a Regional Center approved by the US Citizen and Immigration Services. As a regional center, ANMRC provides immigrant investors the opportunity to obtain a permanent residency in the US through investment in various commercial and residential real estate development projects.

Located in one of the fastest growing economic regions in the world - Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Island, our Tinian Ocean View Resort, an expedited EB-5 project has successfully recruited over 100 investors.

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