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ANMRC's Outreach Expansion to Taiwan

American Northern Marianas Regional Center (ANMRC) is a Regional Center approved by the US Citizen and Immigration Services. As a regional center, the American Northern Marianas Regional Center provides immigrant investors the opportunity to obtain a permanent residency in the US through investment in various commercial and residential real estate development projects.

Located in one of the fastest growing economic regions in the world - Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Island, our Tinian Ocean View Resort, an expedited EB-5 project has successfully recruited over 100 investors.

In April 2018, our staff member pays a three-day visit to Taiwan. Along with the Taiwan (R.O.C) Immigration Consultants Association, we hosted an “Introduction to Expedited EB-5 Tinian Ocean View Resort Project” workshop for local agents.

As national who are born in Mainland-China are experiencing an increasing amount of visa backlog, many Regional Centers have turned their marketing strategy to upraising markets such as India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Korea.

Since 2015, there has been over 1,300 Taiwan-born nationals who have filled their EB-5 immigration application.

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