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2019 Welcoming New Tinian Mayor Edwin P. Aldan

On January 16, 2019, new Tinian mayor inauguration ceremony was held. Newly sworn-in Mayor Edwin P. Aldan is seeking to turn the island into a high-end destination for world travelers.

Representing American Northern Marianas Regional Center (ANMRC) was Jacky Meng our Managing Director, who congratulated the new mayor and commended his predecessor.

The sense of community makes Tinian a great place to live, Aldan said, adding that “our people are taking pride in our island, taking pride in who we are as a people, and taking pride in who we are as individuals. This means taking pride in how clean our island is.”

Aldan said he wants to revitalize the island’s gaming industry while building an industry that focuses on attracting high-end tourism.

To achieve his goal, he said he will collaborate with the governor and the Legislature to pass legislation that will attract high-end investment opportunities to Tinian through tax incentives and legislation that will cut through the red tape of regulations that drive away investors.

“We can’t improve our quality of life if we don’t have a private sector economy,” he added. “We cannot attract investment and improve our economy if we don’t change the investment climate on Tinian.”

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