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The Commencement Ceremony of the ferry boat of Tinian Oceanview Resort project was Successfully Held

On June 27, 2018, the commencement ceremony of the ferry boat of Tinian Oceanview Resort was attended by Mr. Meng, Chairman of Bridge Group, Mr. Huang, Legal Advisor of Bridge Group, Mr. Xia, Managing Director of Hong Kong Haitongtong Engineering Co., Ltd., Mr. Ma, Senior Surveyor of ABS American Bureau of Shipping, and Mr. Hong, Shipbuilding Consultant to witness the groundbreaking of this collaboration.

The ship, built by China Hong Kong Maritime Engineering Co., Ltd. is a 49.6-meter catamaran car and passenger ferry. The ferry is expected to be delivered by Fall 2019.

In bursts of firecrackers, the ceremony was officially launched. Everyone who attended the event also received a red envelope as a symbol of "Good Luck".

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