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The Star-studded First Saipan International Film Festival Ended Successfully!

On the evening of December 8, Saipan local time, the first Saipan International Film Festival was inaugurated where numerous renowned actors, and influential directors, hit the red carpet. The star-studded cast on the red carpet was definitely a real attraction and the spotlight illuminated Saipan. The top honor "Best Picture" went to “Youth”, which was the one with most promise.

The most favorite moment for most of the audience was the debut on the red carpet. Yu Dong, the Chairman of China Bona Film, Zhang Han and Zhang Hanyu, the Chinese artists, Li Yuner, the Korean artist and many other artists appeared on the red carpet scene. Feng Xiaogang, the famous director, with his wife, Xu Fan also attracted a lot of attention. Besides, Yang Caiyu and Zhong Chuxi, the actress of Youth showed up on the red carpet.

Youth, directed by Feng Xiaogang, won the award for best director, best picture, best-supporting actress, and best new performer.

Three-day Festival had a short duration compared to other film festivals. However, it has a remarkable reputation in the industry because of its integral structure and unbiased and reputable nominees. We are looking forward to meeting you at the next Saipan International Film Festival.

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