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Travel Tips to Saipan and Tinian Islands

1、Consumption level and Foreign Exchange Rate

The official currency of Northern Mariana Islands is US dollar. As of May 25, 2018, the conversion rate is 6.386 RMB to 1 USD. The consumption level is basically consistent with domestic market. per capita consumptions for fast food and high-end cuisine are $5 to $10 and $50 to $100, respectively.

2、Time Difference

CNMI Time is 2 hours earlier than Beijing Time. For instance: Beijing at 12:00, CNMI at 14:00.

3、Dress Index

CNMI has tropics climate and is suitable for wearing beachwear. Also, sunscreen products are necessary. Tourists are suggested to bring spare clothes, if you have plans for water sports and recreation.


Paying tips is a common method for Customers to express that they are satisfied with services. It is recommended to pay tips in cash to achieve the goals of good manners. $1 or $2 is enough for each service.


The official languages in CNMI are English, Chamorro and Carolinian. However, many Chinese work at local stores so there will not be a big obstacle communicating in Chinese.


The major credit card companies are accepted in CNMI. Banks and shopping malls are all equipped with ATMs. The banks’ working hours in CNMI are 10:00 to 15:00 from Monday to Thursday, 10:00 to 17:00 on Friday.

7、Phone Number

Call landline in China from Saipan: 0086 + area code + phone number

Call Cellphone Number in China from Saipan: 0086 + Cell

Call Saipan from China: 1670 + phone number

Emergency: 911


The voltage is 60 hertz, 115/230 volts. Usually hotels provide transformers and power converters (US electrical plugs), but just in case please prepare a spare converter.


Free WIFI is provided by hotels and large public places. Please contact hotel representatives to obtain the free trial User ID and Password.


CNMI has complete medical equipment. However, tourists are advised to prepare commonly used medications including cold remedy, medicine for car sickness and diarrhea, and band-aid. All the medications need to have packages with annotations in both English and Chinese.


The security situation is relatively good in Saipan and Tinian Island. However, tourists should pay attention to natural hazards. For the tourists who are traveling alone, please try not to go to remote areas. Please pay attention to security of personal property and travel documents.


To allow visa-free entry of this part of the Chinese citizens must meet the following conditions:

The visitor must hold a passport, which is valid for at least 6 months and accepted by the international civil aviation organization.

The visitor must enter CNMI as a visitor

The visitor must enter and stay in CNMI no more than 45 days (Unable to travel to elsewhere in USA)

The visitor must hold non-refundable round-trip ticket. Besides, the return date cannot exceed 45 days (since the date of entry)

13、Departure and Entry

The visitor needs to fill in the CNMI Departure and Entry Form and the Customs Declaration form while on board the plane.


When the tourists arrive at Saipan Airport, they will need to pass the immigration checkpoints. After picking up the luggage, they must come to customs for declarations. Please note that no meat, dairy products and fresh fruits allowed. All the food needs to have annotations in both Chinese and English. Each visitor can only carry a set of cigarettes and low-alcoholicity liquor of 500 ml.

If the visitor carries more than $10,000, he or she must declare.

On the way back, visitors are not allowed to carry any shell or coral product. Otherwise, custom officials will fine and confiscate wares.

15、DFS Free Shuttle Bus

Duty Free Store has free shuttle buses connecting hotels and shopping malls. The shuttle leaves hourly from 10:05 to 22:45.


A tourist who is above 21 years old with a Chinese driver license can rent a car. The vehicle is supplied with a full tank of fuel. As a result, when the visitor returns the rental car, the gas tank should be full as well. In addition, the customer should pay a certain amount of insurance fee. Free maps and safety instructions are available at a car rental company.

17、Alcohol Drinking

Alcohol beverages are available at bars. Usually, facilities are open until 2 am. The drinking age is 21 years old. All supermarkets are not allowed to sell alcohol beverages after 10 pm.


The fresh water is mainly provided by seawater desalination which is undrinkable. For your safety, buying mineral water is the best option.

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