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Great News! Tinian International Airport welcomes its first international flight!

On January 12, 2018, Tinian International Airport ushered in its first ever international flight, a charter flight from Hong Kong flew in at 12:30. Guests with a B1 tourist visa can now fly directly to Tinian Island.

"The construction of Tinian Island took a long time," Tinian Mayor Joey Patrick San Nicolas explained, “The completion of the airport in Tinian is a dream come true to local residents. The ability to host international direct flights from Asia is key to the economic development of Tinian Island."

Tinian International Airport can now undertake overseas flights and private jets, which may also bring economic prosperity to Tinian Island.

In recent years, Tinian Island has become a world-famous tourist destination attracting more and more travelers from all over the world. Hence, Tinian's prospective tourism market has also attracted more and more companies and investors to further improve the infrastructure of the Island.

“By having direct flights to Tinian Island, we hope that Tinian Island will become a major player in the tourism industry in the Northern Mariana Islands." Mr. San Nicholas said, "Of course, we need to provide more room for our guests, but the completion of the airport is a huge step toward a better future.

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